Located in Carnation, Washington we can provide FREE delivery within a 30 mile radius of our shop.

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About Boulder Design

Like the rocks we create, Boulder Design was sculpted out of necessity and one man's hobby. Our story has been featured on King 5 TV's Evening Magazine and our products have won awards at local home and garden shows.

Nestled in the Snoqualmie Valley town of Carnation, Washington; Boulder Design continues to expand the products and services it offers and is certainly not gathering any moss!

2010's Hot Product
The Bench Rock

Imagine a warm sunny afternoon, working in the yard or garden, and you realize where you are currently at in your garden would be an ideal spot. A spot for what? For a large rock with a flattened top to act as a place to sit and rest. Rather than dragging one from across the yard, if you have one or can drag it, or calling up a rock yard to have one delivered with heavy equipment, give us a call.

One of our first products, The Bench Rock has gained an amazing amount of steam this year. With each one custom made and unique they quickly become the center piece in any garden or yard, as well as, lending a nice solid spot to sit and soak up all of your hard work.



Your home can become your sanctuary with a tranquil watergarden featuring our custom rock fountains that enhance the pleasure, pride and value of your life.

Whether you imagine the soothing sound of flowing water, the visual impact of magnificent architecture in your landscape, or fantastic sculptures we'll help you create your own piece of paradise.

Our faux landscape rocks, fake rock fountains and sculptures are individually handcrafted from lightweight glass-fiber reinforced hollow concrete making them durable and long lasting. Each one is made to meet your specific size, dimension and color requirements. A real harvested basalt column that is 34" would weight approximately a half-ton. One of our handcrafted columns of equal dimensions only weighs 85lbs. No need for heavy equipment to get our rocks rolling!

They beautifully blend with existing ponds, watergardens and waterfalls, are ideal for applications where heavy equipment is impractical or unable to be used and integrate wonderfully into new construction.

New Products

Continuing to innovate and create Boulder Design will be releasing new products to accent or compliment your gardens, water features, ponds, waterfalls and our ever popular rock column fountains. Check back for more information on the following releases:

Zen Rocks - Coming Soon
Landscape Boulders - Coming Soon

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